If you own any old antique/vintage items from the old Princess Juliana Airport (Boarding pass, uniforms, aviation equipments, pictures, etc...) PLEASE CONTACT US IMMEDIATELY! We're interested in talking to you.

LANDINGS Bar & Restaurant is latest addition to PJIA' s

1st floor food court. Part restaurant, part café/bar and

part museum. It is most easily described as “Vintage aviation” meets “Planet Hollywood”, while giving tribute to the world famous "Princess Juliana Airport", without question, the most unique airport in the Caribbean.


The restaurant features 2 bars, 1 grill station, and a salad bar. All within a vibrant neo-chic decor with earth tones, wood textures, with silver accents and bright orange LEDs and lamps. Patrons can admire a collection of rare vintage photos of SXM airport, aircraft parts, display cases feature small treasures such as vintage boarding passes, pins, flight attendant uniforms, etc...


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